SoKY Sprouts Kid’s Club

SoKY Sprouts Kids Club logo

SoKY Sprouts Kid’s Club is a fun and educational program for the first 20 kids five years and older.  The sprouts club is held the second Saturday of the month, from 10:00-11:00.  If you would like to sponsor a SoKY Sprouts Kids Club please email Courtney McBaen at

SoKY Sprouts 2017/2018 Dates 

October 14th- Fun with Pumpkins (Pumpkins): Pumpkin painting, Roasting pumpkin seeds and learning how to make pumpkin pie

November 11th– Mr. Potato Head (Sweet Potatoes):  How many ways can you eat a sweet potato?  How do you cook them?

December 9th– North Pole Adventure: Kids will learn what grows in the winter and how farmers get ready for the spring

January 13th – Market Scavenger Hunt: This week we will focus on the farmers and getting to know them.  And doing a fun scavenger hunt at the Winter Market.

February 10th– Valentine’s Day Party: Our Sprouts will learn about the importance of flowers and what they do for the environment.

March 10th – St Patrick’s Day:  In lieu of St. Patrick’s Day we will learn about other cultures and their food.

April 14th– Spring Tie Dye: The kids will be dying shirts with juice from a variety of fruits.

May 12th– Berry Happy It’s Summer (Strawberries): Our back to school party will be a blast as we decorate a pot for our own strawberry plants.


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